Level Up Fitness

Thinner Winner Contest (Kota Kinabalu)



Since 2009, Level Up Fitness has transformed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. We want you be one of our success stories!

The Thinner Winner Contest is a 8-week long healthy-living contest based on proven principles to achieve weight loss: clean eating and regular exercising.

This contest is open to all Kota Kinabalu residents and no gym membership is required. Choose to do the challenge anywhere you like – at home, outdoors, or at a gym. Regardless, you will get guidance from our expert coaches who will be supporting you over 8 weeks to achieve your goals.

If you succeed in losing the most percentage of weight, we will give you up to RM800 in cash!

What’s Included

  • Life empowerment experience
  • Motivation, exercise and nutrition support throughout the program
  • A success journal to keep participants on track
  • Group workouts guided by a trainer
  • Weekend Activities and Educational Classes
  • For non-members, access to all Level Up Fitness outlets over 8 weeks
  • Kick-off Event and Grand Finale Party